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BC Womens' Hospital + Health Centre

BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre is the only facility in BC devoted primarily to the health of women,newborns, and families. A world leader in women’s healthcare, they provide a broad range of health services that address the needs of women of all ages and backgrounds, as well as providing training for healthcare providers across the province. As Canada’s busiest maternity hospital, they welcome more than 7,000 babies into the world each year.

Mercer was commisioned to develop and implement a comprehensive branding program for the hospital. The goal was to create a brand that represents the balance between emotional and scientific and one that establishes the hospital as a global leader in women’s healthcare but also celebrates the joyful, life affirming moments that happen there everyday. Mercer’s approach is sophisticated and highly credible but with an element of softness and a strong emphasis on evocative imagery.